A Little Boy offers Kalmic Mask to a Coughing Lady

Boy offering Mask to Coughing Lady

Discussion between a kid and an old age adult regarding the future beyond Covid.

It’s Friday night. After a long time, the whole family came to a restaurant to spend some quality time together and enjoy some exquisite and scrumptious food. The menu has the usual fare, slightly modified to please the Chinese palate. That means there are dishes with truffles. Everything is fresh and made to order.

The server comes to take their order. Everyone orders except for the youngest, who was busy watching the TV show that is airing on a TV just next to him.

Kids wearing mask

The interview took place on a TV show

“It seems like practically every day, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are reminded how important it is to wear a face mask.”

Cloth face coverings are one of the most important tools we have to delay and stop the spread of the virus, particularly when used universally in a group environment. Face masks are successful in containing the dissemination of the coronavirus when used in conjunction with social distancing and handwashing daily. This is an undeniable reality. 

Firstly, the elderly are one of the most likely types of people to get ill. For some causes, one is that their immune system becomes weaker as they get older. This makes it much easier for bacteria and viruses to enter their bodies and make them sick. If cold and flu symptoms escalate, they can lead to other health problems, particularly in the elderly population. Flu symptoms affect older people the most severely, and they are most likely to be hospitalized. As a result, they need the most attention and should wear masks if they go out or venture outside their house.”

Everyone has finished their meal. His Dad asked, “We’ve done taking the last dish out!” Then all of them reserved their beverages. Many of them got lemonade. “Why do drinks take so long?” said the Dad. “Hurry up!” cried the family. They drank their lemonade glass. Then they were heading towards home, Mom, Dad, and two brothers waiting outside the restaurant for a taxi to go home.

Meanwhile, a lady was sitting in solitaire and looking at the restaurant and then to her left continuously. She gritted her teeth, probably in agony, and stared imploringly at the boy. She was so tired, coughing and sneezing, and elderly that she couldn’t walk, it seemed like she was waiting for someone. Standing out there in the cold, the boy could see she was scared. The boy recalled that he had a non-irritable, skin-friendly, kalmic organic mask that is GOTS Certified, Breathable, and waterproof mask in his pocket. The boy approached the lady and pulled out the mask and handed it to her with a grin, telling her to wear it because it could save her life and the lives of others, as he had heard in the interview he had just seen on tv. The old lady refused to take that and remembers what she had read in a newspaper today morning.


“Kids should not get ill from Covid-19.” This was one of the misleading statements that too many parents, and even medical experts, were quick to adopt and replicate early in the pandemic.

Before the onset of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C). Even before we began to notice signs of long-term effects from Covid-19 infection. We now know that children can get ill from Covid-19, that they can suffer from it, and that they can experience long-term health problems, even though their symptoms appear mild at first. Furthermore, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that “the number and prevalence of cases in children have been gradually increasing.”

“The CDC understands that wearing masks will not be possible in all situations or for all individuals. Some infants, such as those with cognitive, intellectual, developmental, sensory, and behavioral problems, can find it difficult to use masks correctly and consistently. However, children above the age of two, on the other hand, should wear a mask. And use masks that are non-irritable, skin-friendly, organic mask, GOTS Certified, Breathable and waterproof, durable, easy to wear for little kids, such as the Kalmic masks. Taking these little actions and inculcating them in our children will help save the children who have a long run and are the future of this country.”

The old lady declined and told the adorable little boy to wear it himself because she just had a few days to live, but the old lady said “My boy, you are the future of this world, you need to be safe and sound to battle these viruses to eradicate them from the planet for your next generation and gift them a healthier life.” The Coronavirus has a longer-lasting effect on children, infants, and babies. You are the heirs who must be safe from this pandemic; we have lived our lives, seen the world, and had a good time. It’s now your turn to love and discover the universe, but first, battle this pandemic with all your might and stay healthy. I pray this pandemic ends soon. With these words and tears in her eyes, she went, and the boy was so overcome that he smiled, put on his Kalmic mask, and went home with his family happily.

We hope that this short and sweet story has awakened you to the importance of using masks that are non-irritable, skin-friendly, organic, GOTS Certified, breathable and durable, and simple to wear, such as the Kalmic masks for children and adults, to at least provide a shield against the Coronavirus and win the fight with fewer efforts.

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