Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Masks

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Masks

Suddenly due to the covid-19 pandemic, we all had to use face masks to prevent ourselves from this communicable disease. Earlier the use of face masks has been seen since the time of the plague. Face masks have been considered a first step to prevent and contain the spread of the disease. There are many benefits of using a face mask during covid. Different types of masks are available on the market for this purpose.

According to the guidelines given by WHO, 3- layered face masks are important to wear from the prevention of droplets if you are going in a crowded place. This is useful when the recommended minimum distance of 1.5 m is not feasible. The masks provide only limited self-protection for their wearer and this is only when they are used properly.

Then here arrives a question: Is it okay to wear masks for a long time? Is it safe to always cover your nose and mouth without getting affected by it? What are the various problems caused by wearing regular masks? This article will try and cover all benefits of wearing a face mask during covid and also problems caused due to wearing face mask ineffectively.

Benefits of wearing a mask during Covid

Non-infected patients can prevent getting infected by Covid.

The very first precaution we can take from such communicable diseases is to wear a mask and protect ourselves from the spread through droplets. This reduces the high risk of transmission of the virus. In the current scenario, the high-quality mask is the first thing you should wear before stepping out from home.

Infected patients can reduce the spread by wearing face masks.

It is indisputable that infected patients can transfer SARS-CoV-2 to people, starting a few days before manifesting clinical symptoms or during the time period. However, there are no reliable data concerning the number of virus particles that will be spread by an asymptomatic person, when keeping a minimum safe distance.

Problems of wearing masks ineffectively

Psychological effects of wearing a Covid Mask

Wearing masks can have adverse emotional and mental effects. The lack of nonverbal communication when wearing a mask may make people feel insecure, disheartened, or maybe psychologically troubled. This might be particularly true for people affected by a mental disease or hearing disorder.

Masks can cause breathing problems

If there’s excessive moisture, the masks become airtight. Therefore, the air is inhaled and exhaled unfiltered around the edges, losing the protective effect for both the wearer and therefore the environment.

Wearing masks can be dangerous if not changed or washed:

If masks aren’t exchanged regularly (or washed properly when made from cloth), pathogens can accumulate within the mask. When improperly used, the danger of spreading the pathogen—including SARS-CoV-2—might be critically increased.

Masks provides a false sense of security

The most important role of masks is the protection of individuals standing nearby. It is essential to wear the mask correctly. It must fit airtight to the skin, otherwise, its effect is lost. Doffing of the mask must be properly done also. The surface of the mask shouldn’t be touched. When supply isn’t a problem, surgical masks should be used on just one occasion.

Disposal of Clinical face mask

There can be a high risk of diseases more than the prevention from the masks if they are not disposed of properly, particularly surgical masks. If these masks are dumped in water bodies or buried, then they can again cause pollution or a high risk of diseases.

Should you wear Mask during Covid or Not?

Most of the problems listed above can be solved if you are using an organic mask. Organic masks can help you to heal your mind, body, and soul because of the natural textile used and dyed with natural flavors and colors. The masks will help you to be happy emotionally and don’t even cause breathing problems.

Somewhere in this fast-moving world, we have now forgotten to stop and think about the products we use and their adverse impact on our lives. Organic masks are great alternatives to the normal masks we use and you can find various such kinds of masks with different flavours and the fragrance you like.

These masks are especially very beneficial for kids and aged people at your home. Wearing regular masks can make them feel very irritated and this can cause them breathing issues, so it’s better to use organic masks for them.

We can reduce the spread by wearing these organic masks which don’t only help us personally but also helps to be environment friendly. The masks are breathable, washable, and reusable which can really help to be conscious in protecting the environment!

Shake hands with nature!

Organic masks are new fun, hope you enjoy it!

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