Benefits of using Organic Clothing for Babies

The most loved, gentle, and homely feel is when we give birth to a child. It is when God graces us with a lifetime blessing. We want to pamper our little life, all that matters is his safety and care. Those little fingers, hands, feet, and delicate skin needs a healthy and soft touch to make them feel more comfortable.

Let us welcome our baby’s journey of life with the gift of nature by the essence of pure herbs in Kalmic’s herbal organic baby care essentials- made with soft absorbent GOTS certified organic cotton, meaning they are softer, thicker, more durable, and more absorbent than standard cotton, infused with handmade herbal dyes, chemical-free and toxin-free to provide your baby’s skin every time with a softer and soothing touch while they sleep, eat, relax in Organic baby clothing.

What is GOTS Certified?

The Global Organic Textile Standard(GOTS) is Worl’s leading processing unit for textiles. Their objective is to sustain a healthy living, for soil, air, water, humans, and the entire ecosystem. GOTS deals in the production of Organic textiles and keeps a check on making farmers and factory workers more responsible towards the society and environment. GOTS organic products are all certified, licensed, and labeled. GOTS labeled products mandatory requires to contain 70% – 95% of Organic Cotton.

Benefits of using Organic Baby Products

Organic baby Clothing is Safe for baby’s skin

The Baby’s skin is more absorbent and delicate in the development stage. As they crawl around the bed and on the floor there are high chances of them getting in contact with germs. Their skin is more likely to attract everything they come in contact with including the harsh chemicals from the clothes. Kalmic’s baby products are made with GOTS certified organic cotton which is chemical-free and is thicker and skin & environment-friendly. It gives your child a soothing and softer touch while they sleep, eat or relax

Chemical Free and Toxin Free cloth for kids

Kalmic’s Organic Clothing is hand-dyed with natural herbs and is completely free from harsh chemicals and Toxins. It is skin and environment-friendly. As the end product is nontoxic and chemical-free, it provides long-term benefits to the skin and inner health of your child.

Environment and Human friendly clothing materials

Times now are challenging for us all including the textile industries. Adopting a fair means of manufacturing that is healthy and safe for human consumption and for the entire ecosystem is a big challenge. Kalmic’s Organic products are GOTS certified and, therefore, are 95% organic fibers that are good for human skin and are beneficial for soil, air, and water. Organic cotton farming uses less energy and water. Also, they are sustainably packed in eco-friendly packaging.

Health and Economic benefits to Farmer and Workers in the clothing industry

Farmers enjoy healthy living due to the ban on the usage of toxic pesticides in organic cotton farming. It is not a much time taking process, better crop cycles bring better income to farmers. GOTS guidelines do not promote child labor. It offers a healthy working environment for workers with fair wages and compliant working. 

Organic Fabrics are More Thicker and Durable

Kalmic’s organic clothing majorly focuses on the comfort of the baby. The material and herbs used in baby essential products consist of Turmeric, Neem, and Manjistha to make your baby feel refreshing and energetic throughout the day. Organic Cotton Products are softer, thicker, more durable, and more absorbent than standard cotton, infused with handmade herbal dyes to make your baby feel warm and secure just the way they feel in the mother’s womb.

Organic Herbal fabric Prevents Allergies

Babies are prone to allergies and rashes. Their skin is highly sensitive and unlike adults, their bodies are not capable of eliminating toxins. It is recommended to use chemical-free products for kids and thus switching to Kalmic’s organic and herbal products seems to be the best option as the material used is pure and extracted from real herbs of nature.

Inexpensive Organic Fabric for daily usage

The first thought after thinking of buying any organic product is, it would be highly expensive. The textiles when getting manufactured, undergo many chemical treatments and thus lost their durability. Cotton is produced in mass in India and is the cheapest of all, but yes Organic Product charges a bit high but is completely recommended to buy as it has a pure fabric which is chemical and toxin-free and thus has more durability and life. Look towards pros and it becomes affordable!

Non-organic farming of cotton immensely affects the ecosystem, more wastage of water and also is bagged with numerous harmful chemicals and toxins. Therefore, it is really essential to pamper our little ones in a right and healthy way. Let us make a healthy and sustainable living and bless our babies with the gift of nature. 

Enroll in Kalmic’s Organic Clothing and Inhale the Aromatic Herbs!

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