Face Mask and Fashion

People started wearing masks as protective gear against air pollution especially in metro cities. Now with the coronavirus pandemic, masks have become a necessity, so much so that medical stores and other suppliers are having a hard time meeting its sky-high demand. We had days in the early covid stage where masks were a monotone for us. Wearing masks was new, problematic, and cumbersome for us. From purchasing masks from medical to designer masks, the journey of masks has come a long way. The shortage of supply of N95 masks led to the evolution of Organic facemasks where people started designing various other kinds of face masks which are made up of different kinds of fabrics, dyed with various colors and prints. In this article, we shall talk about the Organic fashion face mask in its depth.

Evolution of Organic Fashion face masks:

Marriages, functions, and events in the times of covid, changed the usage of face masks from protection to fashion. Various fashion designers like Masaba Gupta and Ritu Kumar have started coming with attractive designs. They shifted their existing resources to non-surgical, three-layered reusable mask production. Masks have also become a new normal so people these days keep looking for comfortable, breathable, beautifully designed masks keeping in mind their attire and events.

Various designers and clothing stores have started giving masks complementary to the dress they design. These masks looked different — made of colored or printed fabric, they were nothing close to the monotonous black, grey, or white masks that we were buying earlier. The branded products came to be available in attractive designs, packaged at varying price ranges, as people began to opt for colorful designer masks.

Story of Designer face masks for covid

As you scroll through social media, you will notice the wide variety of designer masks coming in the fashion. From necessity to a trend, you will see a different kind of modification in terms of masks. You will find various customized designer masks, color-coordinating masks, stone and pearl-studded masks for bride and grooms, etc.

Now the masks will be in use for the longest time so why should they not be seen as an object of desire?

You definitely have a choice to opt from embroidery design masks for a good wedding function or a simple subtle cotton mask for a classic look. Weavers have started weaving their imagination and creativity in face masks. You will find a number of great designs for any of your outfits or any events.

Fashion Industry experts have realized that this has been such an unprecedented situation, It will surely take a while for the public to recover from it and return to our normal habits. Even if the vaccine has been found, people will understand that masks are important to stop the spread.

Designers have got that More designs, variety, and options in masks encourage people to wear a face mask.

Organic masks are a new trend in the fashion Industry:

With the increase in consciousness among people for the environment, where people have started adopting minimalist living. This is especially after a pandemic has hit the world. Environmentalists and nature lovers have started looking for various options to wear face masks. Organic masks have come as a boon during this Pandemic. People who are health-conscious, have started looking for organic masks which are naturally designed with a cotton cloth and natural dyes.

Why are organic face masks for Covid in trend?

People are loving organic masks because of the following reasons:

  1. Organic masks are made up of natural flavors and dyes which help people to calm their minds and keep them relaxed.
  2. Such masks look classic that makes them a fashion trend.
  3. These masks are breathable and washable, which makes them nature-friendly.
  4. People have this idea now, that natural and organic things are used by conscious people. So that makes a great trend for people to use masks.
  5. Such masks are now easily available in different flavors and colors.

Organic masks are the game-changer in the fashion industry where again people are getting aligned with nature. This is a whole new experience where we can be really conscious about our body, mind, and soul and do something good.  

What are you waiting for…? Go and get some masks for you!

Organic masks are love, you need to experience!

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