How to Disinfect Face Masks?

Wearing masks, keeping distance, and sanitizing at times is really helpful to stop the spread but used face masks can cause even bigger problems if not disposed of properly. The use of face masks suddenly increased due to the rise in covid in the year 2020 and that troubled nature so much. This has to be one of the main concerns of how we can disinfect face masks.

How to Sanitize Face Masks?

The following points to be considered if you are using a face mask:

  1. Experts say that it is extremely important to wear face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by providing a barrier to catch virus-containing respiratory droplets.
  2. There is a high risk of COVID spread with the contaminated masks. They tend to spread the disease.
  3. It’s recommended that masks be cleaned after each use. Masks must be cleaned properly and Sanitized as suggested to keep yourself safe.
  4. Masks should ideally be discarded after use if they can’t be cleaned properly. Ensure that you are properly disposing of such masks.
EU Regulatory Requirements for Medical Face Masks | Obelis

How to Handle Medical Masks?

According to WHO, N95 masks or surgical masks should be used if you are going in crowded places for full protection from the virus. If you are using such medical masks then you must be aware of disposing of them well.

  1. People generally think that disposing of these face masks means throwing them away. But it is not like that, it means to disinfect them properly and then dispose of them so that they do not produce air-borne diseases.
  2. Always sanitize your hands properly before bearing these masks and while removing them. These masks must be well sanitized and disposed of properly.
  3. Ideally, such masks should not be used more than once, but if you use them, then properly sanitize them before reusing them.
  4. If the mask seems dirty, torn, or saturated with moisture, it should not be re-used, but rather disposed of properly.
  5. If it appears that you can re-use them then these masks should be kept in a clean bag or some breathable container between the uses.

Time to Use Environment-Friendly Masks

The more we will dispose of masks in nature, the more it will be bad for the environment. Due to the immediate increase in the use of masks, the oceans, rivers, other water resources, and lands are getting filled with the disposed masks. This can be really harmful to nature. This can adversely affect the environment since some masks and gloves are non-disposable and extremely harmful to nature.

What kind of masks should we use then?

People have started becoming mindful of the increase in threat to the environment. Now we have to be really conscious of what kind of resources we are using and what we are giving back to our nature in return. This made many fashion industry artists come up with new, branded, and attractive cloth-made face masks.

Why use Cloth Face Masks?

There are various undeniable reasons to use cloth face masks.

  1. These face masks are made up of cotton which is comparatively breathable and avoids any kind of irritation if you have to wear them for a longer time.
  2. Face masks made up of cloth are washable and can be used many times. Such face masks can also be disposed of easily.
  3. It is easier to disinfect these masks, which can be done by washing them by hand or in the washing machine with other clothes. This doesn’t take any extra effort.
  4. Cloth face masks are also available in 3 layers which fulfills the guidelines given by WHO.
  5. Cloth face masks are disposable. If they are torn or not to be used now, then you can dispose of them. These masks can be easily discarded and do not harm nature.
  6. Cloth masks are easily available in different sizes, patterns, colors, and designs. So, you can use them with different outfits.

Organic masks is a way to go

We have experienced environmental degradation and problems due to covid. Lockdown gave greater emotional and mental after-effects. We could really sense the need to go out in nature and value our environment more than ever.

That makes a way for organic masks.

  1. The organic masks are made up of 100 percent cotton and dyed with natural dyes like Neem, Haldi, Manjistha, and other flavors. Which makes them totally environment friendly.
  2. If such masks are disposed of, they will not harm nature. Rather they are nature friendly.
  3. The masks are breathable, washable, and reusable, this will save you a lot of money since you don’t have to purchase many of these masks.
  4. These masks can easily be disinfected by washing with a hand or washing machine.

In order to save our environment. Let’s take a vow to step forward in using organic masks!

Let’s be a Nature Lover!

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