Namastey from Kalmic. We care for the gift nature has given to us – the rich and ancient practice of Ayurveda originated in India and the use of medicinal plants to create products of different disciplines which are healing, calming, non- allergic and essentially have a strong positive effect on body and mind.

We at Kalmic, whole- heartedly extend our support to the local farmers of our country by offering a range of organic lifestyle & fashion products in the global market, made with natural high – quality organic ingredients grown on the land of India with no use of toxic chemical substances in the process.

Our products are human friendly and Earth friendly, promotes conscious and eco- friendly way of life- the Kalmic lifestyle..

Concerned about the rising masks waste which is contributing to increased ocean pollution, environmental damage and added health problems caused by wearing a regular mask as these masks are unbreathable, causes skin allergies, agitation, suffocation and bad odour,

Kalmic brings to you a range of Organic face masks – made from GOTS certified organic cotton , hand- dyed with natural Ayurvedic herbs – Haldi , Neem and Manjistha.

Made with high quality therapeutic organic herbs best known for their anti- septic, anti- microbial, anti- inflammatory qualities infused with organic cloth in a chemical- free environment, the masks are soft on skin, ease your breathing and heal your body.

Kalmic masks are washable, reusable and 100 % bio- degradable.

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