5 Must Have Organic Baby Products

Must Have Baby Products

“The air we breathe, the food we consume, and the water we drink all come from nature,” as we all know. As a result, we must substitute chemicals with organic goods for a positive shift. The greatest gift we can all offer to nature is to care for it and to care for ourselves, we must also care for it.

What are Organic products?

An organic product is manufactured from organic agriculture products, and it refers to natural or similar items to nature. Organic is often used to mean “good” or “close to nature.” Organic also refers to living objects or materials derived from living things. We recognize that children and babies are more vulnerable to the toxic impact than adults.

They can help improve phytochemical levels by using organic goods, which not only help create a healthy environment but also help build a healthier ecosystem (plant compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities) As a result, it’s important to use organic baby products on your baby’s skin, hair, and body, Clothes, pillows, beds, and everything else that can be replaced with non-toxic alternatives.

Therefore, Organic Products are good for our environment and our health because they are non-toxic, harmless, and chemical-free. So, let’s take a look at the items that you must have for your babies


Organic Baby swaddles

Organic Baby Swaddle

For generations, mothers have swaddled their newborns. A nurse swoops in after a woman gives birth in several hospitals, quickly wrapping the squirmy tot into a baby burrito. Something performed by medical practitioners and deeply ingrained in many cultures must be beneficial to your child, right? And what to say if an organic baby swaddle is available for your baby? Because a crying baby can be soothed by swaddling. This is the reason why so many parents choose to try swaddling. Imagine being able to get your baby to stop crying with only a few quick folds! However, it isn’t magic. According to research, organic Swaddling can reduce crying by 42 percent in babies aged 8 weeks and younger. Parents benefit from organic swaddling as well: when the baby sleeps more, so do mom and dad!

So go for a Kalmic Organic Baby Swaddle. This ideal swaddle blanket guarantees a restful night’s sleep for your little one by recreating the safe and comfortable feeling of being in the womb. Beautiful baby prints are printed on organic muslin swaddle-pear in eco-friendly Colors. It’s also perfect for giving as a gift. The material is very soft.

Sweat Wicking Natural Baby Bibs

Organic Baby Bibs

The use of baby bibs is a vital consideration that should not be overlooked. There are several different types of baby bibs to choose from. Each of them has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. A bib will assist you in keeping the baby clean. It keeps dribbles from touching the baby’s face and soiling his or her clothing. Baby bibs are useful for preventing Dribbles. The quality of the Kalmic baby bib is very soft and it gets smoother after washing. The cotton is 100 percent organic (GOTS Certified highest standard certification for Organic Cotton). It is Allergy-free (Organic cotton is naturally Hypoallergenic) An Exceptionally Breathable, Very gentle, Odour-Resistant

Anti-bacterial Baby Burp Cloth

Organic Baby Burpcloth

The Kalmic organic baby burp cloth is the most useful thing you will ever need for your baby with these super essential elements:

  • Antibacterial – leaves you smelling fresh and free of odors.
  • Sweat-wicking – absorbs sweat, wicks moisture away from the skin, and keeps you dry.
  • Insulating – helps to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Natural UV protection – shields the skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Our all-in-one burp cloth cum bib keeps you and your little one clean.
  • The super-absorbent fabric with its unique shape sits right over your shoulder, making it a must-have during mealtime. They also double as a larger coverage bib that drapes over your baby’s shoulders and snaps at the back for a breathable bib that catches the sneakiest of side dribbles.

UV Protection Baby Washcloths

Organic Baby Washcloth

A baby washcloth is a must-have piece for every new parent. Bathtime is a favorite pastime for all kids, and using a baby bath washcloth makes it a lot easier! Since their skin is so fresh and fragile between the ages of newborn and six months, using only soft fabrics will help to avoid irritating and hurting their skin. Baby washcloths are similar to standard washcloths, but they are much softer and sometimes thicker.

Our Kalmic organic Baby washcloths are made of higher-quality fabrics that can be washed and yet retain their softness. Your baby’s skin will not be scratched or irritated as a result of this.

Organic Herbal Baby Wraps

Organic Baby Wrap

As you know, You’ll need to use your hands to complete tasks every now and then, no matter how much you enjoy cuddling your baby. Therefore, Kalmic organic baby cover is a busy parent’s best mate. Unlike several other wraps, this organic Baby Wrap is made of a thinner, super-breathable fabric that will keep you and your baby cool.

Organic products are a boon for your baby. We at Kalmic, give you the best organic products for your darling baby. So let’s come together for a better life on this planet and adopt an organic culture.

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