“HAND DYED ORGANIC BABY BIBS ASSORTED PACK OF 6 ( Two each of turmeric, Neem and Manjistha ) + Free pair of organic baby mitten”


“Prevent your baby from spilling all over their clothes by tying up a Kalmic Bib around your child’s neck during feeding time. They result in mess-free meals and save you from soiling the clothes.”

Key Features

  • “Herbal- dyed ( hand-dyed with pure Ayurvedic herbs turmeric, neem, and manjistha )”
  • “100% organic cotton pure( GOTS certified )”
  • “Adjustable fit ( cotton loops )”
  • “Best for baby’s sensitive skin( very soft on skin, no rashes )”
  • “Herbal dyes benefits to the inner health of the child “

Suggested Age Group (From-To)

  • 0-3 year


  • “100% organic cotton pure( GOTS certified )Extra soft, absorbent, thick, no toxins”

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