Kalmic Assorted ( Haldi, Neem & Manjistha ) pack of 1 each ( 3 masks ) (Unisex,Reusable, Chemical Free )


Kalmic brings to you a range of Organic face masks – made from GOTS certified organic cotton , hand- dyed with natural Ayurvedic herbs – Haldi , Neem and Manjistha.

Made with high quality therapeutic organic herbs best known for their anti- septic, anti- microbial, anti- inflammatory qualities infused with organic cloth in a chemical- free environment, the masks are soft on skin, ease your breathing and heal your body.

Kalmic masks are washable, reusable and 100 % bio- degradable.

What we consume, makes a difference !
What we dispose, makes a difference !
What we breathe, makes a difference !