Kalmic Manjistha Organic Mask Combo Pack Of 5(pack of 3 + pack of 2 – Reusable, Chemical Free)


Soothe your skin and ease your breathing with Kalmic’s Organic mask, natural herb- dyed & made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton from the lands of Bharat- largest producer of organic cotton in the world- a range pure, natural, soft & breathable, chemical- free and bio friendly non- surgical masks, designed & developed by Kalmic.
Naturally dyed with Indian madder roots ( Manjistha ), one of the oldest dyeing herb in the world to obtain shades from pink to red, distinctly soothing to the eyes and to the mind, the ethnic plant is best known for its anti- acne, anti- oxidant and anti- inflammatory qualities

What we consume, makes a difference !

What we dispose, makes a difference !
What we breathe, makes a difference !