Reasons Of Why Kids Should Wear An Organic Mask

Reasons of why kids should wear mask

As we all know, three things are essential for our daily life that is “roti, kapda, makaan” (food, clothes, shelter) but one thing which has been added to this list which is most essential for our day to day life is MASK. In this covid time, we all know that how much mask is important for us.

The need for face masks in grocery stores, restaurants, and other public places is perhaps one of the most striking lifestyle changes arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 spread can be slowed by wearing a mask, particularly when in close quarters with others. Let us talk about the importance of masks.

Importance of Organic masks

  • Masks are an easy way to keep the respiratory droplets from getting into the hands of others.
  • Even if you are not ill, you should wear a mask. This is because some studies have discovered that people with COVID-19 who never experience symptoms (asymptomatic) or who have not yet developed symptoms (pre-symptomatic) can still transmit the virus to others. If you’re sick but don’t display signs, wearing a mask will help protect those around you.
  • Organic Masks are more durable masks and skin-friendly masks, free from any allergies or irritation.
  • Organic Masks are breathable masks, the aroma of natural herbs will remain intact and will make you feel completely fresh, even after a tiresome day. 

Precautions while wearing a mask

  • When your or your child’s mask is on, don’t touch it.
  • Wearing the mask under your chin with your nose and/or mouth exposed is not a good idea.
  • Don’t forget to shield your mouth and nose.
  • When you’re out in public, don’t take off the mask.
  • Keep your mask to yourself and don’t share it with family or friends.

Now that we know the importance of masks, and all the necessary precautions to be taken, let’s have a look at which mask is better for your kids and why is it important for your kids.

Types of Masks

1. Surgical mask

Surgical masks are the most popular type of masks on the market. They are slightly loose-fitting around the mouth and are used in medical facilities to shield people from big splashes of droplets, water, and sprays. Surgical masks can’t really stop you from catching or spreading the coronavirus or some other microbe in the air, since they have loose gaps that allow germs to crawl in.

2. N-95 masks

To combat the spread of coronavirus, N95 respirator masks are once again being commonly used. It’s a great option for surgical masks because it’s far more snug-fitting and hazy-looking. But N95 masks must be fitted and checked prior to use in order for them to be reliable.

3. Cloth masks 

Over the recent weeks, with an acute shortage of mask supply in the market and lack of protective gear available, many are turning to homemade masks made out of different fabrics like cloth or sponge.

4. Organic Masks

The Kalmic Organic Mask is made entirely of cotton and dyed with natural dyes such as NEEM, HALDI, and MANJISHTHA, making it completely eco-friendly. These masks will not hurt nature if they are used and discarded properly. Rather, they are environmentally friendly.

Since these masks are BREATHABLE, WASHABLE, and REUSABLE, you can save a lot of money by not having to buy as many of them. Disinfecting these masks is as simple as cleaning them by hand or in the washing machine.

Best Mask for Kids

Since we know that children’s skin is the most sensitive, our Kalmic Organic Mask is the best choice for your child’s sensitive skin and coronavirus defense. As we all know, in this process of Covid-19, children are no longer immune to the virus. As a result, our organic masks are the best choice for the good treatment of your kid’s skin.

The adult supplying the mask should make sure the cloth mask is the right size and it covers the child’s nose, mouth, and chin completely. Cotton is a safe choice; you can avoid fabrics that are porous, such as linen, or absorbent, such as terrycloth.

Our KALMIC Organic Masks for Kids are made up of herbal products which will neither harm nor will make your child’s skin allergenic to the mask. This will make your child feel incredibly soft on his/her face.

Why Kids should wear an Organic Mask?

  • Cotton that is 100 percent GOTS certified hence, Organic.
  • Non-surgical 3 ply mask with floral print and elastic in a bright hue.
  • Up to 50 times reusable and washable and it gets softer after every wash.
  • We can wear it conveniently daily as it is easy to wash.
  • Since it is made of 100 percent organic cotton and hand-dyed with eco-friendly herbal dyes, it does not cause rashes on the skin.
  • Anti-Pollution Mask protects against wind, dust, cold, and pollution while also providing excellent breathability, making it ideal for a variety of activities.

With organic products and natural rubber elastic, we introduce our new KALMIC Organic Masks for kids. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab some masks for your darling kids!! You must need to experience these organic masks, cause these masks are love.

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